Feature Request - Don't count "ignored" items in statistics

I make quite a bit of use of the “More stats” button, particularly to see how many items there are in each %completed “bucket” in the section next to the pie chart

My problem is that the statistics under the “More stats” button include items that I have ignored. I therefore have no idea how many live items I actually have in each of those “buckets”, because the numbers get polluted by ignored items.

I don’t care about items that I have set to be ignored. The whole point for me is that I ignored them, so I wanted them to be … ignored. For me, that includes ignoring them in the reporting of statistics.

So, my request is to ask if the reporting of statistics could be set to ignore the items that I want to ignore :grin:?



When I look at my statistics with the pie chart and %completed counts, they no longer include ignored items, so thanks for implementing that @mike :+1: :grin:


Beat me to it! :+1: :slight_smile: