Feature request: 75% mastered turn on text input

Here’s a feature request: when I learn a new word it’s convinient to use multiple options but for getting it to the 100% mastered stage I would be more confident if i can recall the word without seeing any options and input it as text.

It would be nice if there was an option to enable this. Ie multiple options for new words in a deck and once they are mastered beyond a threshold say 50% then switch to text input.

An even more nuanced version would for any given sentence test multiple modalities. Ie before reaching 100% mastered at least once I should have answered correctly via text input and once via listening.

Just a thought. Would love to hear what others think.


Indeed, I’ve already voiced allow customisation of this as a preferred option elsewhere too.

Given that people arrive at Clozemaster with different levels of proficiency for various language pairings, and ideally also progress in their proficiency while on their learning journey here, I would definitely want it to be an optional customisation option though, to adjust per language pairing as each user personally sees fit at that moment in time.

For example, for some language pairings I am still stuck at a level of needing Listening + Multiple choice for all % Mastered levels. For others, I only use “Text input”, and would ideally like to be able to select “Listening” + “Text input” the first time I play it (from 0 % → 25 % Mastered), then at least once just “Text input”, where I type out the answer, to ensure I know the spelling, and then at least once where I use “Text input” + “Speaking”.