Explain Button weirdness

This may already have been reported. If so, I apologize for the duplication. I have noticed that in both French and German pressing the Explain Button does not always work as I would expect.

Sometimes pressing the explain button results in nothing popping up at all. (or does that mean it has no explanation for the sentence?) But worse than that behavior is that after pushing explain just once, an explanation may pop up at the beginning of the next round of clozes when it was not requested.

This behavior occurs on the website – not sure about the phone app

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For the past week or so, I’ve been experiencing the same issue with Japanese. I use the Clozemaster website as well and got the issue both on Chrome and Mozilla.

Thank you very much in advance for looking into it.

Thanks for letting us know! This issue should now be fixed. If you’re still seeing it or anything else please let us know.

Seems to be working correctly now!

Yes! All seems good now. Thank you for looking into it so promptly!

I’m doing Thai from English
Sometimes the explain button is present and sometimes it is not.
What am I doing wrong or is it a system bug?

Possibly neither. When it was first rolled out last year @mike was asked whether it would be available for all questions. His reply was:

It may well be that it hasn’t been rolled out entirely to Thai yet, given that it’s not one of the “heavy hitter” languages; it has only ever had 1,585 players, and only 379 this year.

It also depends on what you’re playing. Thai doesn’t seem to have a huge range of questions. The early “Random Collection” ones do seem to have the Explain option; the later ones, I can’t be sure about. However if you’re using one of the shared “Cloze Collections” (which will have been created by other users), they generally won’t have the Explain option. Only the system-generated ones do.

(Or certainly that’s my experience in German, where my own collections don’t have an Explain option but the standard system ones do.)

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