Exact set of 10 sentences in one round is repeated in the next

Sometimes, I see that after I finish playing a round of new sentences, the next round contains the exact same set of sentences, as if I had not played them the first time. Details as to where I’ve seen this:

  • playing on the web rather than on the app
  • using Chrome on Android
  • playing sentences from Fluency Fast Track

I’m not sure of the exact frequency with which I see this behavior, but it’s not tremendously rare – perhaps once a week or so.

I think this happened with the last set of FFT sentences that I played today (Thursday, Sept 2, in the morning, Eastern US Time).


Hi Alanf. It happened last week, not sure of the date, just the once but no problems since then.

Hope all is OK now.

(Same bullet points, by the way, GMT time).


So I’m not alone…

By the way, I was using Text Input.

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Thanks for letting us know! And please be sure to let us know if you notice any other patterns that might help us reproduce the issue. To be sure - this was playing new sentences / not reviews, is that right?


Yes, I see it when I play new sentences.

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It happened to me again today, this time while I was reviewing. I also saw a few “Oh no! There was an error…” dialogs at roughly the same time.