Eventually I'll finish

Slowly but surely LOL

What’s your progress?


Hi datsunking1 learning Spanish. Slow but sure is good. I’m Level 105 Italian/155 days and enjoying it all. I dont want to rush as I don’t want it to finish, just happy to keep learning every day. Happy learning to you! Ciao!


12182 reviews… hope you’ve got time off coming up :flushed::+1:

Me: Brezhoneg is half completed.
Toki Pona… not half completed
Elated to be actually remembering Finnish words; it’s time for text-entry. Icelandic and Indonesian on the warming pad. Māori and Kernewek headed for the warming pad. French and Spanish… it’s time to cook.

Happy holidays if you got 'em, all :pray:

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I’m slowly progressing in the Most Common Words lists, since I’m still very much a beginner in both of my languages. In French (level 116) I’m about to finish 1000 most common and in Spanish (level 80) I just began 1000 most common. I’m not sure yet if I’ll eventually move to Fluency Fast Track and when, and how and when I’ll utilise the Grammar Challenges, but we’ll see. As long as I’m making progress for now, I’m happy.


Yeah my reviews are set up at different intervals…which ended up running over me. LOL

I think it’s 1, 3, 10, and 30 days.

Honestly towards the end of this fast track (20 percent to go) there are words I don’t know or have ever used in English. That’s ok though.

I’m just going to take each day by day consistently. I’m currently learning Spanish, German, and French (in that order). Even 20 to 30 words a day can really add up over the long term.

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Hi datsunking1, hooetvee and JioMc. As an escapee from Duolingo, I pop back occasionally to do Latin (really enjoying it) so it’s just Italian and Latin for me - how you handle more than two, wow, I salute you.

For some reason or other Latin “called to me” as did Italian many years ago. Perhaps I have Roman roots having grown up in Verulamium. Have you ever experienced a language choosing you rather than the other way round?

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Verulamium, Herts.? :joy: I had to look that one up.
Kernewek spoke to me as you say. One side of my family emigrated from Devon to Australia 150 years ago, so it’s possible or probable that my ancestors spoke a Brythonic language at some point. Maybe that’s why both my son and I were completely obsessed with Asterix comics when we were kids - Brythonic holdouts against the empire?!
I did feel something similar with Latin - as if I already knew it somehow; but put it down to English’s extensive borrowings. It would be interesting to know if anyone has investigated how an interest in certain languages can persist via ancestral/genetic/morphic-resonance conduits.

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In some way I think French chose me. I’ve never wanted to learn it and actually didn’t even like the way it sounds. Last summer we had planned to go on vacation to France (you know what happened to that), and I decided to use Duolingo to learn just a couple of phrases just for fun. Not really to learn the language. When it became evident that we were not going, I had already grown attached to the language and didn’t want to let it go. So I started looking for better ways to learn. I still don’t have any goals, so learning it is just fun. Spanish I started straight in Clozemaster a couple of months ago, also for future travel purposes.


Ciao tutti. Sì sì Verulamium, Herts. The last time I was in Paestum, Italy, I broke the rules of “no entry” and hugged one of the temple pillars. I always hug or touch, when poss, to “feel the ages”. I’m quite convinced there’s something in it. It would certainly be interesting to know if there is any evidence.

Meantime I’m so glad your languages found you too… happy continued learning!

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Hi hooetvee. Just wondering how you’re finding ClozeM after Duo? I love the pace of Cloze and find it makes me think more and search for the right word. The forum is a lot more civilised too, know what I mean;-)

I think I’ve made a lot more progress with Clozemaster than I did with duo. It was getting really tedious grinding through the same sentences again and again, and here I feel I’m closer to real language. And I can’t even read the forums :smile: I’m still using duo for the stories, and I’m hoping once I’m done with those, I’ll be ready for Cloze-reading, which is still a bit too hard for me. I also just started listening to the Duolingo podcast in French. It’s still a bit challenging but I’m liking it. So there’s something good too, though I don’t think I’ll be going back to the tree.

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Enjoyed your comments. I go back to the “tree” as I promised myself I’d make 2000 days, but I’m happier here now, just love all the variety. Bye for now… :slight_smile:

Right. So I’m taking back my good words about Duolingo. This morning I went to do my stories, and Duolingo has prevented my ability to progress. I have no idea why would they do something so pointless. I’m disappointed but I guess it’s just more time for Clozemaster. Not sure though where I’m going to find very very beginner level texts in Spanish.

I think this is going to turn into my language log LOL


My plan to clean up reviews is to go through multiple choice to 50% then start with text input over the long term. I don’t really consider 4x as mastered though. On a daily basis if you think about how many times you see a word, it’s probably hard to calculate.

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Since most of us on here are language aficionados, it is interesting to see other folk’s study habits. Even though we all know that how each of us learn, for the most part, is a very individualized thing, it still lets me compare what I am doing to what other serious learners are doing. That is why I am liking all the new statistics. It makes me question if I might be spending too much time in one mode or the other, or if I should push myself to do more words daily or not. Thanks for sharing, @datsunking1.

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I agree. If I try to cheat or something, I’m only cheating myself. No matter how many words I mess up or get wrong, eventually I’ll be OK, just learning my native language. I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned over the years. It’s ok to make mistakes, and there is no ‘time limit’ or finish line. You have to constantly polish your skills, day by day. That goes for anything; your job, your relationships, language learning, building something.

I think it’s much more relaxing to view it that way than “wow I have 20,000 cards to finish” lol

All experts started at zero…


Still going. Right now I’m mostly using multiple choice until everything is beat solidly into my brain, then I’m going to switch to text input.

Words appearing now I don’t even know/never use in English. Right now I’m just trying to get exposed to everything in both German and Spanish. Spanish is my main focus content-wise until I finish the fast track, then I’ll focus on German. I’m aiming to take (and pass!) fluency tests in both by this time next year. I’m not looking to be perfect, but usable for life/work.


Hi people, I’m using Clozemaster for just over a month.
My progress is this:


Ciao GiuseppeBG! Looks like you’re doing well and enjoying your English learning. If you need any help, let us know. Nel frattempo, tanti auguri per l’anno nuovo!


Thanks and Buon Anno.