Estoy apeado.

English Translation

I’m angry.

In what region is this a common expression for being angry? I’ve only heard apearse in the sense of getting off the bus.

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This confused me as well since I can’t find a single use of the word in this way in any of my searchable literature. That being said, apear / apearse are used colloquially in dozens of ways, all stemming from the archaic meaning of dismounting (from a horse). I can certainly see how in an old-fashioned way I’m off my horse could mean that you’re so angry that you’ve dismounted, but if it is used this way, then it certainly is not common or modern!

It seems a majority of the odd colloquial uses come from central America. You can find partial lists even in dictionaries such as the following link:

apear | Definición | Diccionario de la lengua española | RAE - ASALE

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