¿Este plato lleva frutos secos?

English Translation

Does this dish have any nuts in it?

“Frutos secos” means “nuts”? How would you say, specifically, “dried fruits”?

Frutos secos generally include nuts and dried fruits (like figs, dates, etc…).

However, in common parlance, especially when discussing allergy, they frequently refer to nuts only.

you can use frutas deshidratadas for dehydrated fruits specifically, that would not include nuts, though they might wonder why you are using such a fancy word. it’d be like calling humans homo sapiens.

i think it’s fine to use just the regular one for both too though. like if you do a google image search for frutos secos, you’ll see a bunch of nuts but also a bunch of dried fruit in the results, indicating it is commonly used for both. and often plates with the two mixed.

side note but an interesting thing i learned when looking this up is that frutos and frutas are both words, and both mean fruit, but they are not the male/female gender versions of the same thing as you’d expect. instead, frutos refers to the botanical definition of fruit, and frutas refers to the culinary version of fruit. so stuff like cucumber would be frutos but not frutas i guess.

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