Este auto usado es tan bueno como uno nuevo.

English Translation

This used car is as good as new.

I wonder if this translation is spot on. I read “as good as new” as “practically new”.

Disclaimer: I’m not a native speaker of either language.

The phrase “as good as new” means that something is without defects, and has been well cared for.

An old vintage car from the 1950s that had been looked after, with original paintwork and upholstery, and with low milage (e.g. only taken out for the occasional weekend drive) would easily count as being “as good as new”.

On the other hand, in the world of a used car salesman, any car that doesn’t have obvious dents and scratches, and that could survive a 5km test drive would be eligible to be advertised as being “as good as new”.

It’s a phrase that is also sometimes applied to people after they’ve recovered from an illness or injury.
For example, imagine a child who had fallen over and cut themselves, then after they had stopped crying, an adult might wipe the wound, apply a sticking plaster, and then comfort them by saying “there we go, it’s all better now, you’re as good as new”. Well, that’s what they used to say to me (probably so that they didn’t have to comfort me with my preferred method - ice cream) !


Often shortened to “good as new”


You could also say “está como nuevo”

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