Estamos dándole pecho a nuestros bebés.

English Translation

We are breast-feeding our babies.

Shouldn’t it be “les” since bebés is plural?

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From my understanding this is a difference between commonly-spoken language and “textbook” language. It is prevalent enough of a confusion that there are several sources writing about this exact type of confusion: When to Use Le vs. Les in Spanish - Learning Spanish Like Crazy

In no scientific way at all, I would compare this to the use of who/whom in English. The average English speaker will never use the word “whom” in their life, and will just use “who” for simplicity. For example, I would say the grammatically incorrect Who was this letter address to? rather than the proper textbook question To whom was the letter addressed?


I think in this case it can also be that the speaker uses “darle pecho” as a set expression, especially since each woman presumably feeds just one baby.

That said, the author of the sentence, a Chilean, is very consistent in using le where I would expect les.