Espero poder hacerlo.

Anybody understand why this isn’t subjunctive? It’s theoretical and based on emotion, so I would think it would be ‘pueda.’

There needs to be more than one person:

If you want to know when to use subjunctive in Spanish, a sentence with two different subjects is usually a good time to do it.

Yo prefiero que no () hables con él . – I’d prefer if you didn’t talk to him.

Spanish subjunctive sentences normally contain four main parts: a main clause, a dependent clause (or noun in this case), a relative pronoun ( que, quien, como ), and a verb.

The sentence you quoted, Espero poder hacerlo doesn’t have two different subjects or a dependent clause (it doesn’t need one because there is only one person) so the subjunctive doesn’t apply. Alternatively, if the sentence were, I hope (that) you can do it, you would need to use the subjunctive: Espero que puedas hacerlo.

You can read more about it here.

English Translation

I hope that I can do it.

Amazing. Thank you!!!