Ese comentario estuvo fuera de lugar.

English Translation

If I were you, I would accept his offer.

Hey everyone, this seems really off! I put this into google translates, and it reads ‘that comment was out of place,’ which sounds right. how could it even be close to what it says it is?!


You’re not crazy. I would say “That comment was out of line.”


FWIW, I think I can guess what happened: Somebody reported that here, “fuera” is a preposition (not a verb form), so the sentence doesn’t belong in the Subjunctive collection (or whatever). The moderators acted and made up a completely different sentence pair. But those who had already played the sentence keep getting the old sentence, but with the new translation.

Circumstantial evidence: you can’t find this Spanish sentence by searching for it, but if you search for “If I were you, I would accept his offer”, you will find “Yo si fuera tú, aceptaría su oferta”.


Circumstantial evidence can be quite powerful!!