Error while adding sentence to collection

Keep getting error while adding sentence to my own collection since yesterday. I have tried refreshing the page, which of course lead me back to the dashboard and it didn’t solve the problem most of the time.

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For a particular sentence or any sentence you try? Also to which collection? Lastly might you be able to send a sentence you’re trying to add and for which you’re seeing the error?

  1. not for a particular sentence, and not for all sentences either, i.e. some are successfully added, some are not.
  2. to my private collection, should I give you the name or linke or what?
  3. I’m seeing this error when I try to add sentences while doing sentence reviews and learning new sen tences. I have no idea what “send a sentence you’re trying to add” means.


The name would be great if you have more than one, otherwise we’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Sorry - I just meant the text of the sentence. We’ll try reproducing with the exact sentence.

Ah, I get it now. I created just one private collection called “Something NEW”, and an example which I just encountered is:

“Es geht mir überhaupt nicht gut.”

It’s from the german Fluency Fast Track and I’m learning it as a new sentence. Hope this helps.

I have this problem occasionally.

If the problem appears in a session then it tends to be persistent, with most or all sentences from that point onwards having this issue.

The last time that it happened I was able to get rid of it (well, it is also possible that it “magically” disappeared at exactly the same time). When the dialogue box appeared (after pressing the “+” button or hitting alt-A) I clicked on the “Edit” button in the dialogue to open up the full sentence edit dialogue. I then clicked “Save Sentence” without making any edits, and the sentence was added to my collection without any problems. I don’t recall exactly, but the problem may then have gone away for the rest of the session.

For reference: As with the case of @APTG I was adding sentences to my private collection from Fluency Fast Track (in the most recent case also from German, although I think that this has happened for other languages as well).

That does help, thank you both for the additional info. I think I see the issue, please give us a couple days to get a potential fix up, will report back once it’s up to see if the issue persists.