Error loading review set (Review All)

Just for fun, I decided to do some English from Swedish reviews. But annoyingly, the system cannot load “Review All” on this set comprising over 4200 sentences; it gets stuck on loading and finally shows a generic message that gives no clue about what actually happened:

Oh no! There was an error loading sentences. Sorry about that. Please refresh the page to try again and let us know if you see the message again.

It seems that reviewing individual collections does work, but I like to have them mixed.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think that this is a system size limitation. I have over 5,000 scheduled for review in German and that loads the [Review All] option without failure, regardless of whether I choose typing or multiple choice, vocab, listening or speaking. Similarly in Italian it’s into 5 figures (but admittedly over half of that is the Legacy Fast Track that I’m unlikely to ever review again…) and again Review All will load it up without a problem.

Both are substantially larger than the 4,200 set. It may be a bug relating to Swedish. I can’t test that because it would take me WAY too long to come to terms with Swedish vowels to get a reasonable sample…

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You’re probably right; I just tried Review All with Italian from English, where I have 9.943 sentences to review, and it worked.

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@mike, would you mind taking a look on this?