English from Italian streak gone, again!

Oh no, my streak is back to 1 again! The cog kept spinning yesterday, I logged off and on again, eventually got started and completed way way over 200 points! I’m meticulous with keeping both my streaks.

My Review intervals on Italian from English also changed for no reason, and I had to reset them following the strange cog-spin.

I know they aren’t all-important but my CM streaks are my discipline. Thankfully my Italian from E is OK. I don’t suppose my E from I can be restored? :frowning: Ah well, the knowledge is still there, that’s the main thing.

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Sorry about that! Do you remember what you were trying to do when you hit the spinning cog you mentioned? Strange that your review interval reset as well - we’ll work on reproducing! If you remember any other details please let us know. We can definitely get your streaks restored - do you recall what they were / know what they should be?

Thanks so much for replying so quickly! Appreciated greatly. I always do my two languages one after the other. Had no reviews for English from Italian (oddly) so tried to work on fast track - cog spin, no joy, so went to Dashboard n tried Italian from E, great, no probs but review dates had changed. Reset them. Worked as u can see, way over 500. Went back to E from I, all OK, fasttrack, and did my 200 with extra to make sure, to about 248 if I remember correctly.

But seriously “Mike”, I can live with it if your time is better spent elsewhere. As long as my Italian from English is safe;-) Thanks again for your kindness.

Ps. You can see I’m pretty regular from my graph. Didn’t think to mention that earlier.

Edit: Thank you for helping me. I’m amazed and so pleased. I am constantly impressed with your support “Mike”, many of us are just not used to it.


Oh, man, at least you’ll probably get it restored!

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@Floria7 no problem! Please let us know of course if it happens agin.

@gizzard123 we can restore yours too if you’d like, referring to Every time change I lose my streaks.... hehe - #3 by gizzard123 - Clozemaster - Clozemaster. Do you recall what they should be and for which language pairings?


Mike: Thank you again, di nuovo, ancora… :slight_smile:

Edit: Streak is back, and later on… great moves from stripe-tie-guy! My day is made!;-D


Thank you, Mike, I appreciate it. But, I can’t recall how many points I had. They were all in the 200ths and a couple in the 300ths (Russian were less than 200). But, it’s ok, Mike, I’ll be more careful next time change. :+1:


Good luck Gizzard! :slight_smile: