Ellos te están buscando.

This sentence needs ‘the personal a’ “A ellos te están buscando.” [details=“English Translation”]They’re looking for you.[/details]

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That does not compute :slight_smile:: Ellos is the subject of the sentence, so the “personal a” does not apply. In fact, Ellos is a bit redundant, unless you want to point out a specific group of people: “They are looking for you.”


As @morbrorper points out ellos is the subject of the sentence; te is the indirect object. What you could do is add a ti if you wanted to add emphasis:

A ti [ellos] te están buscando - They are you looking for YOU.

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A ok. Thanks for the explanation you guys!

Google confused me (the CM translation was, in fact, correct as you both have pointed out for me).

Google says “Ellos te están buscando.” = “Are they looking for you.” (It shows a period at end of sentence that looks like it should be a question). When I changed it to “A ellos te están buscando” Google says “They are looking for you.” (which was the same as CM translation)