El problema es que el niño nunca hace lo que se le dice.

English Translation

The problem is that the boy never does what he is told.

I’m struggling with the part “lo que se le dice”.

Would someone please explain this to a beginner? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Update: I believe it’s the passive and that “lo que se le dice” translates to “that which is said to him” (or, literally, “that which says itself to him”).

It’s “se dice” = “man sagt” again.

el  niño   nunca hace   lo   que  se   le   dice
der Junge  nie   macht  das  was  man  ihm  sagt

You also often hear “Cómo se dice?” - “Wie sagt man?”

Ahh, I think I recognize my error.

It’s the same story we discussed in that other topic.

“se” is overloaded with so many different meanings, I find it hard to keep them apart.

Thanks again for the clarification! :slightly_smiling_face:

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