Editing a comment removes all formatting now

Hi there,

I had to fix a typo in a comment I created today, and I noticed when I reopened it that it was presented with formatting removed, all on one line. So the original sentence lost its “click to reveal” triangle, and paragraphs were removed.

I think this is a regression compared to the previous behavior.

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Are you talking about the same issue as Auto-inserted “English Translation” tag is removed after edit reported three months ago?

It at least looks related to that, but the details are different.

I am using Firefox on Linux, if that is any help.

It also does not happen always, as I edited other forum posts, after my report, without this issue.

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I’ve been seeing this personally, and I’ve come across quite a few posts that look like they’ve been mangled by the same issue. My theory is that it only happens if you edit the posting via the pop-over dialog, not when editing directly in the forum.


This matches my experiences too.

Editing in the pop-up dialogue while playing, gives formatting issues.

Editing while already on discussion forums, no problems.

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