Discrepancy in the number of most common words

Hi! I just joined and I wanted to learn 1000 most common words in German. However, the vocabulary set has over 4000 words in it (similarly 100 most common words set has over 300 words). What’s the reason behind it and is it like that for everyone?

Moreover, when I go on to learn 10,000 most common words would Clozemaster “remember” the other 4000 words that I already learnt from the other set? Would seem pointless to re-learn everything.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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The set has over 4000 sentences, which use the 1000 most common words. Think of it like each of the 1000 most common words is used in 4 different sentences, making for a total of 4000 sentences in that set. This gives you a chance to see a word in more than one sentence, which might help with declension rules. For example:

The dog is standing over there = Der Hund steht da drüber

I see the dog = Ich sehe den Hund

I play with the dog = Ich spiele mit dem Hund

Note that the article that goes in front of “dog” is different in each sentence, because of the German case system. Seeing the same word being used in different ways across different sentences will help this sink in over time.