Dime cómo se aplacó el robo.


Tell me how the robbery went down.

I don’t think the English and the Spanish sentences are saying the same thing.

Intead of aplacó should be derrumbó or desmoronó

In this case to go down is a slang expression meaning to occur or to happen when talking about an event. As I understand it, derrumbar, and desmoronar both have a sense of to collapse, or to crumble. Can these two verbs be used to carry the same meaning as the English expression?

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As this is in the >50,000 most common collection, the verb desenvolverse (unfold) comes to mind.


If the meaning is to occur, ocurrió would be fine. You can also use acontenció or sucedió.

Dime como ocurrió/aconteció el robo.

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