"Difficult" and "Hard"

On this dialog, the use of “Difficult” and “Hard” is confusing:

“Difficult” and “Hard” are synonyms without any clear difference. I would recommend using “Very Difficult” instead of “Hard” for Transcribe, since I consider this mode more difficult than Text Input. But if you don’t want to make the call as to whether Text Input or Transcribe is more difficult, I would use the same term (either “Difficult” or “Hard”) for both.


He’s right you know. This should be replaced with “Easy”, “Normal”, and “Hard.”

does saying “Normal” feel too normal? How about “Easy” “Harder” “Hardest”?

Feeling spunky? How about “Easy”, “Hard”, and “Insane”?

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I don’t personally think the transcribe mode is “harder” than the text input mode. It just takes longer time to transcribe every single word.

If you want to categorize multiple choice = easy; text input = hard; transcribe = very hard/harder, earning points from the transcribe mode should also be increased.

Adjectives such as “hard” and “difficult” are very subjective words. Also, these words are not flexible when Clozemaster introduces another mode in the future.

I would suggest CM to simply display the fact that users can earn half from the multiple choice, and remove these vague adjectives.

Easy, Moderate, Hard (would be my suggestion).

Text input is moderately difficult. (as long as you keep the option of letters green or red)

I’ll respectively disagree, MsFixer. The points awarded are fine being the same for text input and transcribe, in my opinion. With transcribe, you can use hints (?) and not lose 1/2 the points. I think that’s a good tradeoff.