Dejame ver si puedo hacer algo.

English Translation

Let me see if I can do anything.

I think this should be “Déjame” instead of dejame…can a native confirm please?

Yes, it should be déjame.

In Spanish, for any word that ends with a vowel, -n, or -s the stress naturally falls on the second to last syllable. If the word ends with anything else, it naturally falls on the last syllable. If either of those two rules is broken, there will be an accent mark indicating which syllable to stress.

This is the affirmative imperative form of dejar, which requires the object pronoun to be added at the end. In order to preserve the pronunciation of deja when adding me to the end, you break an accentuation rule. So you need an accent mark on the e, since deja ends with a vowel.


Let me just add that “dejame” would be correct for a voseo speaker. This sentence was contributed by an Argentinian, so it’s intentional.


Thank you both :slight_smile: I appreciate the help.

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