Default review time

Hi Mike,

Just curious: i thought the default review times would be 5min, 1 day, 10 days, 30 days and 180 days.
But I checked today and had 0 days and then 1 days for 25%-100% .
(Multiple languages, and I’m quite sure that I didn’t change the times)
Might thus be a bug?


Hello @Tarob! Thanks for letting us know - are you seeing this on the web or mobile app, or both? Also for which language pairing or language pairings?

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That’s on the android app.
I see it for multiple pairings, eg English-Dutch and French-German.
I don’t see it for Yiddish-English, Spanish-German and Dansk-German.
It might have something to do that i changed to number of review sentences per round in the first language pairings.

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French from English and Latin from English are showing 1 day review intervals for 25-100% for me on the Android mobile app. They were like that after the update and have reset to it again at some point. My other languages still have my preferred review intervals set.

Personally I’d rather that the app review intervals sync with what you set on the web (or vice versa), so you don’t have to change it in both places.


@Tarob thanks for the follow up!

That’s the way it’s intended to work :bug: Will see if we can get a fix included in the next mobile app update.


And it’s reproducable!
I changed the number of reviews in the web version yesterday, and today I have only 1 Day Intervals in the android app.


(Deleted) — error in my OP