Daily Practice Notifications not appearing

I currently have my android app set to remind me to practice at 8pm, but I’ve only ever seen the notification to practice once - the first time after I set up the notifications. This is true whether I’ve practiced that day at all or not, and no matter whether it’s been a week+ since I’ve practiced or I’m running a 5 day streak.

I’m running Android 5.0 (I know, I know). I’m not sure what sort of information to include besides this though, so please let me know how I can help solve this issue.

Hi all,

I have identical problem (Android 10). No notifications at all - I would prefer to have them on my mobile rather than email reminders. Is there maybe any solution for that? :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if it’s the same in Android 10, but if you go to your System Settings and then to “Notifications” it’s not perhaps that “Clozemaster” is blocked there?

I have the following options there:
On: Yes/No
Allow notification dot: Yes/No
Media playback: Yes/No
Importance: Low/Medium/High/Urgent (if it’s on “Low” here, I guess you might also easily miss it)
and some more settings

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I checked “Notifications” even before - I have the same setting as you (well, without “Importance” cause I don’t have that option at all). So maybe it is the problem with Android 10 settings?

Perhaps, I don’t know if others here have Android 10, and if they use the app notifications.

Let me switch on the notifications to see if I do get them.

Yeah I’ve still had this issue for years now, across multiple different phones/Android versions. Currently on Android 9, notification settings look normal (no “importance” field though).

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What I noticed today is that the Clozemaster Radio doesn’t have this problem and appears on the notification bar and lock screen (even after the session is over and the app is closed), so it’s not impossible to have some notifications but not these that are preferred :sweat_smile:

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