Cursor is not automatically in text box for text entry

Using Firefox, I’m finding that I have to manually move the cursor to the text box to enter text, for both playing new sentences and reviews. Previously I just had to start typing.

If I just start typing now, nothing happens.


To clarify, this is happening for Listening, not Vocabulary.


Thanks for reporting! A fix went up this morning - could you please let us know if you’re still seeing the issue?

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Yes, it’s working now.

I hope you’ll also address bringing back the option to speed up the audio. The standard speed is unbearably slow to listen to if you’ve trained yourself to use 1.5 or 2x speed, and of very little use for understanding everyday spoken French or movies. It’s fine if you’re a beginner, but not very helpful for intermediate learners.


Yes, I’m still having the same issue.

In the collections I added myself previously, the text to speech is a different voice for 99% of the sentences (as per before the update) and this is much faster and ironically, clearer to listen to.

It’d be great if the voice customisation option were to come back and be available in all versions of the app.


When the audio first plays, the cursor goes automatically to the text box. However, if I replay the audio, it doesn’t, and I have to manually move the cursor to enter the answer. Could this be changed so the cursor always defaults to the text box? (Windows 10, Firefox.)