Cula Irish Children's Language Television to Watch Live or On Demand/Streaming

Here is Irish children’s television live and follow along with their daily schedule (you can read these websites in both English and Irish).

6am Irish time (when the Irish Language Children’s television begins in Ireland) is 4pm Brisbane, Australian time, so I am trying to get off the phone and finish my work so I can begin watching.

This is a really simple children’s programme, and I am starting with the most simple myself.

Ó a Sheáin S1 E1

Tá Seán ag ligean air féin gur draíodóir é inniu agus é ag iarraidh lacha a bhaint as a hata. Ní thagann ach frog, fear, feamainn agus faoileán as. Seán bocht!

Ó a Sheáin S1 E1

Seán pretends he’s a magician today, trying to remove a duck from his hat. But all that comes out of the hat is a frog, a man, seaweed and a seagull. Poor Seán!

Or you can watch on demand/you can stream it and you can click on the right bottom hand side and choose Irish subtitles and for “Aifric” and “Saol Ella” you can watch in the English subtitles as well. “Aifric” and “Saol Ella” are Irish language children’s programmes created for Irish language learners in Ireland. Listening has improved my prounciation just that little bit better more.