¿Crees que haya que poder hacerse pasar por un hablante nativo para ser un espía efectivo?


Do you think you have to be able to pass for a native speaker to be an effective spy?

I’m not used to seeing the subjunctive along with creer.

As in French, creer + subjunctive in interrogative form.


From Lawless Spanish

Does creer require the subjunctive?

Creer may require the subjunctive, depending on whether it is used affirmatively, negatively, or interrogatively:

Por ejemplo …

Cree que canta mejor que yo.
He thinks he sings bettter than I.

No cree que cante mejor que yo,.
He doesn’t think he sings better than I.

¿Cree que cante mejor que yo?
Does he think he sings better than I?

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Nevertheless, a quick search in the corpus reveals a clear majority of indicative in the interrogative. The subjunctive, where it’s used, seems to indicate a higher degree of uncertainty and doubt about the thing being asked.

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