Creating short custom cloze behaves strangely

I sometimes create very short custom clozes consisting of only one or two words, mainly prepositions. Sometimes the result is very strange, with the cloze embedded in another word. I think this happens when the selected characters happen to appear somewhere else in the sentence, nearer the beginning.

One example might explain the issue: I entered “Io non sono interessato {{a}} una relazione seria.” The result: “Io non sono interess{{a}}to a una relazione seria.”


Thanks for the bug report! How are you creating the clozes?

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I create them from existing clozes, using another word or expression. In the example above, I think used "Io non sono interessato a una {{relazione}} seria.” as the starting point.

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A couple of screenshots might clarify the issue.

Here I have highlighted a single word in an existing cloze:

And this is the dialog that comes up. Note that the cloze is in the middle of a word!



Ah ha! The screenshots were helpful - thanks! A fix should now be up. Please let us know if you’re still seeing the issue. Thanks again!


I’m still seeing this behavior:

My intention was to create the cloze “… impegnato {{a}} fare …”.


Looks like it’s happening again, Mike. I’m seeing that same issue now.

With “столе”

With “дел”

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This happened just today:

I had clicked the single “a” and selected “Add to collection” from the pop-over. Instead, I got a cloze embedded in a word.

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