Create cloze sentences for clozed collections

Does anyone know of a method to quickly create bulk sentences?

Say I’ve got 1,000 sentences on a spreadsheet, is there any way to quickly add the cloze brackets, kind of like how Anki lets you do this by clicking on the word then on the bracket icon.

Typing the brackets in each time just isn’t going to cut it.



There isn’t yet a way add the cloze brackets en masse like you described (though I’d definitely like to get a way added).

At the moment, however, you should be able to upload or paste in sentences, one per line, and Clozemaster will auto-select a missing word for each sentence. Once you’ve created a collection, look for the Add Sentences button bottom right. File Upload and From a Text are the options I mentioned / might be useful.

We’re working on getting more / better ways of creating collections added, but still a little ways out. If you have any other ideas / feedback please be sure to let us know. Thanks!