Confirmed: Score Padding *Bug*

This bug was verified with Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130 64-bit on Windows 10 PC.
Specifically, Spanish language in the Por vs. Para language challenge. It probably works for every language and every browser though.


  1. Go into Spanish, open the Por vs. Para language challenge with 5 multiple choice questions.
  2. Advance to the final question and get it correct.
  3. Click again on the green correct answer to collapse the middle part that pops up and asked if you would like to continue or mark it as mastered.
  4. Left click spam the green answer fast enough so it does not have time to dynamically move out of cursor range as the pop up appears.
  5. Whenever you decide to exit, your score and level with skyrocket accordingly.

Recommended repercussion for me since I’ve exploited this bug (Twice to verify it): Just reset my score to 0. I think I was like level 4 before I found it anyway.

I hope by reporting this exploit, it will keep naughty folks off the leaderboard. I love retro style of the website! I’ve purchased the subscription, and intend to keep using it. I just stumbled upon the bug and it was not my intent to exploit this to gain leaderboard status or whatever. My intent is to learn. Thanks!


Thanks for letting us know! And thanks for the detailed bug report, super helpful. I’ve pushed up a fix. Please let me know of course if you’re still able to replicate the issue. Thanks again!