Clozemaster voices no longer available when adding to private collection from Clozemaster collections

When playing sentences on the web, after completing the cloze a set of options appear including one in the form of a “+” sign which indicates “Add to Collection”. If I use this button to add an entry to a collection, a new entry is created in my collection and this includes any hints, notes etc. that I have decided to copy over.

If I use this “Add to Collection” feature when playing a sentence in a Clozemaster-owned collection such as the Fluency Fast Track, then when I come to play the sentence in my new collection, I no longer have access to the Clozemaster voices for Text to Speech.

On the other hand, if I copy a sentence from a Clozemaster-owned collection (e.g. Fluency Fast Track) using the new Copy to Collection feature available through the Manage Collection popup, then when I go to play my new collection I do have access to the original Clozemaster voices.

I’ll just clarify my different terminology

  • “Add to Collection” is the “+” button that appears after completing a cloze when playing sentences. It also applies to the “Add to Collection” option in general sentence search from the magnifying glass symbol on the dashboard.
  • “Copy to Collection” is the new feature that can be used from the Manage Sentences popup for a collection

I previously just accepted that sentences that I had added from Clozemaster-owned collections using “Add to Collection” didn’t have the Clozemaster voices anymore. However, seeing as how the sentences copied over using “Copy to Collection” do have the Clozemaster voices, I now consider the lack of Clozemaster voices after using “Add to Collection” to be a bug (rather than a feature request).

Could you therefore please make it so that Clozemaster voices are still available when sentences are added using the “Add to Collection” feature(s).


I’ll just add as a supplementary note, that I understand that the “Add to Collection” feature is more complex/powerful than “Copy to Collection” in that it allows someone to change the original text (which is useful for changing the cloze word(s)), however at least having the option to copy over the voices (preferably by default) would be useful.


Could I get confirmation that this has been fixed?

I believe that I am able to use Clozemaster voices when I copy sentences from Fluency Fast Track into a private collection, using either method I described in the original post (“Add to Collection” or “Copy to Collection”), so I presume that this has been addressed.

Or have been imagining this?


Confirmed! Sentence audio should now be copied along with everything else.


Thanks for the update @mike , that’s great news.