Clozemaster testing sentences on YouTube

Luckily I bookmarked the link that appeared on my dashboard about a week ago, asking me to preview a new learning tool–sentences by topics presented on YouTube videos, because the link has disappeared. No mention of it here in the discussions, either, as far as I can tell. Didn’t anybody else see it? Whoever is in charge of this needs to make it more visible because THIS IS AWESOME! DELIGHTFUL, AND I WANT MORE!


I diiiiiid… but my response to the poll question was that it wasn’t for me. Not as a learning tool, anyway. I didn’t get around to filling out the “why” part but I’ll do it here, since it has come up, and because the answer has way more nuance than “yes” or “no”.

The TL;DR is I really like the concept and an glad that CM has put the work in on this and hope that they do more. But I don’t think the videos are useful for learning as opposed to reviewing.

The sentences are grouped thematically. I like that a lot, but then I’m biased because that’s what I do in creating personal collections. The reason is that I learn by connecting one thing to another, and that’s easier if I’m doing a while bunch of related things (like one of my collections) rather than a massive and random bunch of unconnected things (like Fluency Fast Track, which is why I never started FFT in either German or French after having learnt my lesson about that in Italian).


The problem I have with the videos as a learning tool is that the process is completely passive. You don’t have to try to think of any words, they’re just coming at you, and there’s no stopping it. You can pause it after the German sentence and before the translation to see whether you understood it correctly, roll it around in your mind a bit and see if it all makes sense before you see the translation, but it’s still a fairly passive process and for me… well, I learn better actively than passively.

(And to be honest the lo fi hip hop beat gives me the irrits just ever so slightly, but again, that’s just me. I can only watch them in short stretches because of that.)

Now where I think these videos could indeed be useful, and why I’m glad to see it having been done (well, except for the lo fi hip hop beat) is as a review tool. If you’ve studied your language and you’re about to head off overseas, sure, hit the videos and just check that you’re across language like this because the sentences and questions (or the ones that I’ve seen) are indeed of practical value rather than the sort of absurd “The ant is in the elephant’s sugar” sentences that will be found on {cough} a different owl-based language “learning” site.

So yes, I’d like to see them continue to expand.


:heart_eyes: we’re still figuring out how to make these more visible. Currently available for German, Hindi, Korean, Serbian, and Spanish,, and more on the way - we should be able to create these for every language for which we release the new Fast Track.

Also as Spotify podcasts :slightly_smiling_face: for example


Love it. :heart_eyes: Thanks @mike and team. But:

Could you please make the podcasts available as RSS too? So that I can use any podcast player I like?

Spotify, a profit-driven company pushing hard to turn an open standard into closed proprietary technology they can track and analyze, is the worst that ever happened to podcasts. I hate when podcasts are Spotify-exclusive. Just read the critique when Joe Rogan signed his Spotify deal back in 2020 or so.

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Good points! Thanks. does this work?

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Yes, it does. :+1: Thank you.

The hip hop beats are gradually growing on me, and I feel the repetitions at different speeds are helpful.