Clozemaster app on Android stops playback of other apps

I like to listen to music on spotify in the background while learning.
Clozemaster stops playback in other apps like spotify when speaking a sentence.
This doesn’t seem to be a general behavior with tts.
It would be great if clozemaster app would just speak over other audio and leave playback alone.

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Thank you for bringing this up. CM stops the playback of podcasts on my (old) iPhone also. It’d be lovely to be able to just charge through without needing to restart tracks every time I begin a new set of sentences :+1:

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Hey @mike , did you see this? I guess I should have created it in Bugs, not general Questions.

Edit: was able to move it to Bug Reports → Android Bugs.
But as @JioMc pointed out, the behavior on iPhone seems to be the same.

This even happens when TTS is disabled. Which is definitely a bug.