Cloze listening

I think cloze listening would be better with a proffesional reader and better audio at the moment there is too much echo and interferance.

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I feel rather at home with “Giorgio” and “Carla” (Italians who kindly help out at Duo;-) but have to agree that “Backroom Betty” (is it?) on Cloze Collections sounds pretty angry most of the time.

It’s “Tom” on Italian-to-English that I worry about. He’s blamed for everything and takes a heck of a beating;-)


I appreciate the option in Cloze Radio to choose which speakers I hear. But, is this choice available in ordinary game mode?
I’ve been having this difficulty in French and Icelandic, where I understand the female voices very well, but the male voices sound like they are literally chewing on the words. I know that real native speech is filled with these confrontations, but when I’m trying to clearly hear the sounds so that I can learn, it’s too much. I’d honestly prefer to just hear the women - but maybe not all voices speak all the sentences? It would be good to know what the options are :pray:

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