The audio for the cloze-collections sounds robotic, to the point where you can’t even make out what they are saying. I attempted to change the voice, change the speed, and create new collections. It seems to only be affecting the personal ones that I have created myself. Also this is only an issue on the website version, my mobile app doesn’t share it.

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Hi. I have to agree. Backfeed-Betty puts me off using the Collections a bit but I keep trying because they are great and really useful. Very happy with Giorgio e Carla (Italiano)! Happy learning!


A system voice is indeed used for the Cloze-collections, instead of the Clozemaster voices which are used everywhere else. Most phones come with a number of TTS system voices, but when accessing the collections through web, you will be dependent on what your browser has on offer.

I don’t know which browser you are using, I found for instance in Brave that I only have the option of the robotic voice. However in Chrome, I do have another option available, which is much less robotic-sounding.

The way to change the voice (which I guess by default will be on “Random”), is to start playing one of the collections, then go to the little cog wheel icon in the lower right corner, to access the Play settings.

You’ll have to scroll down a bit in this wall of settings, until you find the “System voice” setting. it-IT Alice is the robotic one for Italian.

However, in Brave, I don’t have any other choice, except the robotic “Alice”:

Fortunately, on Chrome, I also have the “it-IT Google italiano” option, which is much more natural-sounding:

Thus the first thing I’d recommend, is checking if you have a better voice option available in the settings. If not, it might be worth trying to switch browsers, or finding out how to add extra system voices to your browser in question. For the moment I’m not doing any Cloze-collections, but I was thinking of trying to add one, so I might look into seeing if there is a way to add extra system voices somehow.


Gentile sindaco! Re-checked and I have the choice of Random and Ital, so I’ve left it on Ital (actually both are BBetty:-) I work mostly on my android tablet so perhaps I can adjust her via my oh so slow computer where I’m more Firefox and Chrome. Look forward to seeing Your collection. Nel frattempo, stammi bene…:slight_smile: