Cloze Collections Suggestions


I have two suggestions that would make the process of adding senteces to Cloze Collections a little bit easier.

  1. Import sentence(s) to multiple collections. For example, let’s say I have one collection called “Useful expressions” and another, called “Chatting vocabulary”. Since some expressions are also often used in chatting, it would be useful to have sentence(s) added to both collections in one go, instead of adding them separately to each collection.

  2. When manually inserting sentences into collections, on the target language input box, there could be a keyboard to aid typing, similar to what already happens in playing mode.


I would like to add a few more points, in regards to the Beta version.

Using the search inside a cloze collection.


This “Add to collection” button opens up a second popup that allows to make modifications and then save it to a collection. That functionality is fine, but it could coexist with the old add button.

The advantage of this button is that it makes it more convienient to add sentences either by clicking, or, the way I sometimes do it to save time, “tab+enter+tab+enter(…)”.

Check all button

It would be useful to have a button that checks all results in the current page, adding them to the Cloze Collection.

PopUp Width

The PopUp could use a little bit more width and make use of the “White/Grey/White/Grey” background, that exists in the non-beta version.

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I noticed that some of the points are now implemented, kudos for that. In particular, I believe that the button to check all sentences will be quite useful.

One more thing: Is it possible to bring back the description for each cloze collection? If so, one little improvement in regards to how it was displayed in the previous version: Paragraph recognition. The description of the cloze collection used to ignore new lines, displaying all its content in one sentence, so if that can be fixed as well, it would be great. Thanks!


A few more suggestions…

  1. As the number of cloze collections grows, so does the need for prioritizing certain collections. A way to pin the most important ones to the top would be great.

  2. Already mentioned in the previous post, bringing back the Cloze-Collection description would be great, as this is something that can be used for grammatical notes relevant to the cloze-collection.

  3. A search box to filter the cloze-collections.

  4. Organizing the cloze-collections by pages, such as 20/50/Show All.


Thanks for the feedback! It may take us a bit of time still, but these should doable - will keep you posted!