Cloze-Collections. Not adding to overall score


I think the cloze-collections are a great addition to the app.

However, I’ve noticed that any points I gain from cloze-collection work are not added to my overall score. Is this on purpose? Is it just because this feature is in beta mode and is the plan to incorporate this later?


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Glad to hear! And yep it is on purpose that the points from the cloze-collections are not included in your overall score. We’re a bit undecided on whether they should be included, mainly since it’d be easy to inflate your score with a small collection of mastered sentences that you could play repeatedly whenever you wanted a point boost.

I’m interested to hear what you think of course - it sounds like you’d be in favor of cloze-collection points being included in your overall score? If we don’t end up including them, is there some other way you think we might increase incentive/motivation to play the cloze-collections? Anything else we can do to improve the cloze-collections?

Thanks for your feedback!

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Thanks Mike, I take your point that the cloze-collections could potentially be manipulated, in order to take advantage of the point scoring system.

I’ve worked up about 10K points working my own collections (all genuine material). Of course it has been a worthwhile exercise in itself but I do feel a bit sorry that my overall score hasn’t reflected the extra work I’ve put in on them.

What about if scoring from them was permitted but if someone reviewed a mastered sentence ahead of the scheduled review date, then this would not add to the overall score?


  • Someone mastered a sentence on 1 September 2018. The review is then not due until, say, 1 November 2018.
  • However, the ‘someone’ thinks, “I know, I’ll review this ahead of time on 1 October 2018”. They should be permitted to review the sentence and it would remain as mastered but it should score either 0 (or a token amount e.g. 4 points).

Not sure how easy it would be to incorporate these rules into the app. But if some overall scoring would be permitted from working the cloze-collections, my own opinion is that it would improve the motivation to work them. After all, part of the fun of ‘playing’ on CM is the gaming element and the challenge of ever improving your score and leader board standing.

Best Wishes, Alex

  1. Maybe there could be a bot that auto-approves sentences based on the accuracy of the translation versus the target language. The bot would also confirm that it is a sentence and not just a single clozed word being translated.

  2. Let the community upvote/authorize collections. I’m a huge fan of letting the community police itself as much as possible. Of course, there is some risk that someone could make multiple accounts and upvote their own collection. This also prevents someone from scoring points on a collection only they use.

  3. Have respected community members in that language or admins validate specific collections.

  4. Create a process for integrating cloze collections into the FFT/MCW sections. Since those are already awarded points, there could be a way for approving certain cloze collections to also be tracked in FFT/MCW.