Cloze Collection, Order by Difficulty

I created the following collection:

This collection contains 26 sentences. I played these 26 sentences a couple of times, always in rounds of 10. At somepoint, mastered 10 of the 26 sentences. (Which indicates that something isn’t right here, as I only seem to have 25% and 100% mastered sentences, none of the sentences are 50% nor 75%).

Here’s the problem: If I keep playing rounds of 10, I only get mastered sentences.

I believe this as to do with the “Play in order of Difficulty” setting, but I wasn’t expecting this behavior.

I’d expect something like this:

  • All sentences of 25, 50, 75 would be randomly selected first (since they have no level of difficulty set), and then 100% Hard, 100% Normal, 100% Easy.

To (sort of) get rid of this problem, selecting a bigger number of sentences than the ones mastered allow other sentences to appear as well.

Let me know if this can be fixed, or if I’m misunderstanding how the setting works.

Thanks for the post! The play in order of difficulty is intended to mean the order of the sentence difficulty / the rank of the missing word on a frequency list for that language (if available) such that less common = more difficult, essentially the same way we determine “difficulty” for ordering sentences on the Fast Track and for the Most Common Words collections. We’ll have to make this clearer in that screenshot you posted.

I think the root of the problem might be described in Mastering a shared collection in just one day - #6 by mike - Web Bugs - Clozemaster - at the moment sentences are always available when you hit play, even if there are no more new sentences and no more sentences ready for review. We’re working towards updating this behavior such that if there are no more new sentences or sentences ready for review, then it tells you and bounces you back to the dashboard (or perhaps lets you play through the sentences randomly without affecting their next review due date, TBD and curious to hear if you have any thoughts).

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Ok. Got it. Would it be possible to have a setting based on the mastery level? 0% » 25% » 50% 75% » 100% Hard » 100% Normal » 100% Easy ? Or, alternatively, by date of review?

I’d prefer to ignore the review date when playing, and respecting it when reviewing.

Perhaps there could be a setting to let the user decide whether to ignore, or not, the review date when playing cloze-collections.

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