Clicking on cloze for definiton

On desktop, after submitting an answer and the cloze appears, one is unable to click on the word to get a definition (like you can with other words in the sentence).

I think the way the app behaves on mobile is the correct one, so it would be a matter of making the desktop version behave the same way.

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I find that the cloze answer definition, at least using Chrome, works with a double-click.

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Interesting, I’m on Firefox 76 and this is what I see. If I try double clicking on the green word, it just selects it:


I did a lot of testing in Chrome and chromium-based Edge regarding this feature and discovered the following behaviors - assume the sentence below with the cloze word water:

The cat does not like water .

Selecting a word other than water with a single click brings up a translation dialog directly below the word with an dialog pointer indicating the word. Selecting the close (X) button closes it.

Selecting water (the cloze) requires a double click. The translation dialog is centered on the screen, and indicates the word there, not the cloze word – unless, of course, the cloze just happens to be located in the center of the screen. Selecting the close (X) button does not work. Exiting the translation dialog requires clicking somewhere outside the box.

Also, selecting any of the non-cloze words with a double-click causes the same behavior as with the cloze word. I.e. the translation dialog is centered on the screen and the close (X) button does not function.

Your post indicates a larger issue with Firefox.


Thanks! I re-categorized this topic as “Web Bugs”. Hopefully this draws @mike’s attention :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know! Double clicking the cloze-word after answering should now work on Firefox.

Selecting the close (X) button does not work.

This should now be fixed as well.

Thanks again!