Click to get Google translate etc

Clozemaster allows me to click a sentence ro get a translation etc. Which is great but currently this only works for words within the sentence and not on the options themselves.

It would be nice if we could look up the other options in the standard sources too. Of course, after answering. Rightly or wrongly.


I use the ImTranslator chrome extension, this will do what you are looking for :slight_smile: If you select some text, it adds a translate button.


Thanks for the feedback! Links should now appear beneath the multiple choice options to allow you to open the selection popover for a given multiple choice option. Curious to hear if that works or you have something else in mind.


I saw this feature appear a week or two ago, and I thought it was a great addition, but I had no idea why it had suddenly appeared.

Now it all makes sense - a response to a feature request. Admittedly, I didn’t actually understand what @curiouskatze meant by “options” but now it is so obvious.

Thanks for this @mike, another great addition to Clozemaster :+1:.


On a mobile phone, it’s much more reliable to use the “clickable” link than tapping on the cloze itself, so it’s a very welcome addition indeed. :+1:


Hi Mike, sorry i didn’t notice this post earlier.

I guess I don’t see this change yet. Is it only on the web version? I use the clozemaster app and i still don’t seem to be able to click on any one of the other three options to see their meaning links.

Hmm am i misunderstanding what you guys are posting about?

It’s the web version. In my experience, the app (I only know about Android) is lagging behind in features so much that the web version is the only option, even on mobile, unless you need some special functionality such as Clozemaster Radio, or the offline mode.


Oh yes. Thanks. I tried the web version now and it has so much good stuff that hasn’t made it to the app yet.