Changing your name makes you lose points in each language leaderboard

So, I changed my name, just to try

and I lost a lot of points in each leaderboard. No idea why this happens.

I hope this could be fixed :slight_smile:

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It has only happened in the courses I have a streak , not in the ones I have 0 days streak.

I just want say again that troll names really negatively impact the atmosphere of the whole site/app. Who wants to log in and see that kind of name on the leaderboard?

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It made me laugh. Malfunctioning leaderboards and scoring systems that reward playing excessive reviews for points also negatively impact the atmosphere of the site.

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What was your username before? adrianxu_?


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I will change it again.

Yes. It was adrianxu_. Now it is Adrianxu.

Just wanted to try the feature.

Ikr :confused:

“Tant pis” about losing points when names are changed. But that’s not the underlying issue. AdrianX points to the massive and rapid accumulation of points by some that has more to do with gaming the system than learning languages. That doesn’t encourage people to explore the benefits of Clozemaster, and to stay awhile.

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So, can this be fixed in any way, or is it impossible?:sweat_smile: In the languages I haven’t played since I changed my name have my score in the leaderboard but with my old name.

Should be all set! Please let us know if any still look off.

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Everything looks fine :grin:, thank you!

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