Can't save sentences imported from longer SRT files?

Importing a typical 1h TV show episode subtitles; ~400 sentences.

When I cut it down to ~100 sentences, it shows correctly in the “Import” interface (sentences with proposed cloze words marked) and I can save it using the “Save” button at the bottom.

Everything works almost the same when I try importing the whole file: except that “Save” button is inactive!

Are there any limits to the SRT file size/number of sentences?

To answer my own post - perhaps this will help someone else with a similar problem?

It appears that, afterr the initial import phase, when the sentences are being displayed, the ones where a cloze word was not chosen automatically, are marked in red. In my case the first such sentence was a few pages in…

Additional tip - just clicking on a word below the text fields marks it as cloze! So the solution is fairly quick.

Additionally, for whatever reason, it turned out that sentences where Clozemaster was unable to choose a word, included an apostrophe. Once I removed apostrophes in the original .SRT, did not even have to manually choose those few clozes (in sentences that originally contained apostrophes) - and could proceed immediately to actual import.