Can I add notes to sentences?

I’m learning Polish and there’s often a problem with sentences where the close must be filled with a verb, because in past and future forms, Polish verbs are gendered. That means that even if I can remember the verb itself, I still get the sentence wrong if I can’t remember what gender it’s supposed to be. There is often no clue within the sentence itself. It’s really frustrating to be at 75% with a sentence, not see it for awhile, then go right back to 0% next time it comes up, all because I conjugated correctly, but for the wrong gender. It’s so frustrating that I’m considering not renewing my subscription. Everything would be fine if I could attach notes to sentences, because then I could just insert “m” or “f” and take care of the issue. However, I can’t find a note-making feature. Hopefully I’ve overlooked something? Does this exist?


Thanks for the feedback! I’d responded to your email on the same topic, but want to respond here as well in case other users have the same question. We’re working towards adding support for private notes per sentence, but it’s likely still a ways off. To handle issue you described for now, the best option might be turning on the color hints via the game settings (top right on the mobile app, bottom right on the web). The answer will change colors as you type, letting you know if things like gender or an accent might be off and (hopefully) helping prevent the issue/frustration you described.

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Mike’s suggestion re the colour hints option works well as a solution to this problem. If you don’t want to use this facility though, there is also the option to add an alternative answer (an alternate gender that would still be appropriate to the sentence), when using the text input mode. I’ve seen this on the web version, not sure if it is available on other versions of the app.