Bottom links on play page

In my browser, as I am busy answering new clozes, it sometimes happens that I accidentally hit some link at the bottom of the page, which with no warning takes me away from the game, most often to the App Store, which is of absolutely no use to me.

Then, after I have managed to navigate back to Clozemaster again, I find that my game has been reset. That is very disturbing.

My suggestion is that you remove some of the links, such as the Google and App Store links, from the play page, and make the other links open another window or browser tab.

Or, maybe even better, you could implement a warning about leaving the current page.

Regards, Uncle Per

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This has happened to me quite a bit too.

@morbrorper @kadrian thanks for letting me know!

I’ll see if I can get a “about to leave page” warning and/or have those links open in a new tab.

I’m also curious how that happens - are you playing on desktop or mobile web? Just while playing multiple choice I’m assuming?

Thanks again!

It happens when I play on desktop, using a small laptop: my thumbs will occasionally hit the trackpad while I’m typing (I mostly use text input).

It would be great if you could do something about it.

And I thank you, for providing this service!

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For me it’s always when playing on a laptop, using text input, just as @morbrorper describes above.

As a work-around, I move the cursor to the far right of the screen after using any of the letters-with-accents buttons.

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Hi @mike, I noticed today that you’ve added warnings about leaving the page. I think this might be better restricted to only buttons that take you away from Clozemaster altogether (the Google Play and App Store links at the bottom of the page). I found it quickly became tedious on the “Round Complete” page to have to confirm I wanted to leave the page just to start a new round or return to the dashboard.

Enjoy the Christmas season if you celebrate it!

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Agreed! Thanks for the feedback. Updated so it only applies to links in the footer. Please let me know of course if you think something else might work better, also for @morbrorper. And thanks! Same to you :slight_smile:

This is greatly improved - thanks a lot! But it is still possible to accidentally lose one’s game status by clicking the Dashboard link in the middle of playing.

Another remaining issue: the “Translated by Google” link, on the dialog which pops up when you double-click a word, opens in the same tab, without warning.

[Addition] The same goes for whatever you do in the top-right drop-down menu while playing. I think you should be warned about anything you do while playing that might abort your current game.