Better visual marker for daily streak

As I feared, I lost my streak in one of my courses–Russian, I think I had over 200 days, don’t remember exactly–because with how the courses are listed it’s harder for me with my visual impairment to double check to make sure I kept up the streak in all my active courses. That little, faint green check mark is really hard for me to see on my mobile device (I usually work on my PC but I have had to rely on my mobile for the past few days) and when scrolling down the list on my profile page, it’s easy for me to miss, especially now that active and inactive course are mixed together.

Please make the marker for completing the daily streak easier to see. Personally I’d like something that makes the entire box in the course list look different–like the background of the box changes to a light green maybe.

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Thanks for the feedback! Restored your streak. We’ll work on making that more visible.

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It is much more visible in the latest Android version (2.6.7). Would it be possible to carry the change over to offline mode as well?

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I really love the new green stripes, now both on Web and mobile. I’ve lost my streaks for a handful of languages in the past weeks and now I can check comfortably what is missing. Actually the new app made it easier and faster to do a final streak-check validation on the web than on the app.