Audio for specific words


When selecting a word / group of words within a sentence, shouldn’t there be an option to play the audio of that selection?

I’m under the impression that at some point in time, this option existed, though I might be mistaken.

I think this is useful when struggling with the pronunciation of a particular part of the sentence.

It is working for me, on my Android browser; the popup is shown, and it has a working audio button.

That said, on this device, which of course doesn’t have a mouse, it only works on one word at a time, and not on the cloze itself; the environment seems to intercept the selection and inhibit the event that triggers the popup. This is an old bug, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. :wink:


Thanks for adding that up morbrorper.

My guess is that this behavior is not yet standardized on multiple devices, or it could be a browser specific issue.

I’m using Google Chrome on a desktop.

I believe there should be a little icon next to the word zorundasın, that when clicked would play the audio for that selection. I’ve tried this on other languages pairs, with the same luck.