Audio button pronunciation

I noticed today the speech playback on Spanish/English is reading the Spanish sentences back with English pronunciations instead of Spanish.

What I mean is, instead of the sentence playing back in proper Spanish, for some reason a couple days ago it switched to a voice reading it in the worst diction I can think of. Instead of “ola” for hola, she pronounes it “whola”, etc. As if the bot were trying to read it in English.

Is it only me having this issue?

Thanks for letting us know! Do you mean the button that plays the entire sentence, or the button in the popup when you click a word? In the former case, if you’re using Clozemaster voices (can check via the Game Settings while playing) that is indeed unexpected. In the latter case, or if you’re using random system voices, that may be due to those options using voices available via your browser, which are sometimes just ok in quality.

Which browser are you using? I’ve found Google Chrome works best.

Sorry for the late reply.

To answer Mike’s question, it happens sometimes with both. (both the full sentence, or the single word)

Sometimes it’s fine for weeks cycling through the random spanish voices, and then suddenly the gringo voice returns :joy::man_shrugging:. It happened again yesterday.

I’m using Chrome on Android 10.