Appearing/disappearing "+X" makes positions on display unstable

When I’m playing on the web app on a phone, and I correctly fill in the cloze, the “+X” (for instance, “+32”) that temporarily appears at the top of the screen to tell me how many points I’ve scored pushes the contents down, only for them to bounce back up once it goes away. This means that I have to wait for the appearance/disappearance cycle to terminate or else I might end up pressing or scrolling to the wrong spot on the display. (I don’t see this on devices with wider screens, even when I squeeze the window to its minimum width.)

Would it be possible to do one or more of the following?

  • allocate space for the “+X” display throughout, even when it isn’t being shown
  • keep the “+X” on the screen once it appears
  • make the “+X” slightly smaller so that it fits in the existing space

Many thanks!