Android: can't change default speed

The Android app version 2.9.1 now has a button to play sentence audio at half speed, in addition to the one for default speed. This is great, except that I had already changed the default speed for Russian to 0.5x, so now I have two half speed buttons. I’d like to change the default speed back to 1x, but I’m not able to.

Click the gear, see this:

Default Speed

Drag the slider all the way to the right. It moves, but the text still says 0.5x. Close and go back, slider is back to the left, and it says 0.5x.


I came here to report this bug and see it was already reported, so adding that it’s happened to me. i am unable to change the default speed for speech in the settings on Android. I can change it on desktop, though. But the setting doesn’t carry over from one to the other, as settings seem to be specific to the app/platform. So for Android my voice speed is stuck at 0.75x and won’t budge.

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Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the trouble! We’ll aim to get this fixed in the next release.

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