And on the subject of collection improvements

And every question like this one being kicked out the door with zero hope of redemption:


Just quickly noting that for Mandarin, as a westerner, learning these small onomatopeia makes sense (and requires work).

“Vi piace,eh” and “Ti piace, eh” are the only two sentences that exist in italiano for cloze word in the whole Clozemaster. “Eh” is such a colorful italian expression. Small words like these are in 100 to 500 words, and tend to disappear in advanced collections like 3000 and 4000. Fyi.

Like “huh” in English, it’s less an expression, and more a grunt with pretentions. In English “huh” can mean anything or nothing.

The word “ehi” (not “eh”) exists in Italian and is the equivalent of the use of “hey” to draw attention. That at least has some use.

The reason that I said “like this one” rather than “this one” is that while this specific one may appear only two times, I’ve seen other expressions like this. I don’t recall them off the top of my head, but “potentially ambiguous noises that people make when they can’t be bothered using real language” probably aren’t at the top of my list of desired language skills.