Allow me to go back to the previous sentence

At the moment, it isn’t possible to go back to the previous sentence once you have answered. Could that be added? Sometimes I need (want) to do this, for example when I accidentally hit “enter” twice in a row, so that I am immediately taken to the next sentence, without the chance to hear the text-to-speech. Or I decide, a little too late, that I actually wanted to report an error or ignore the sentence after all.

Having the list of played/reviewed sentences at the end also helps with some of these use cases, but my review sessions are usually quite long, so I don’t always want to wait until the end (at that point I usually forgot what it was that I wanted to do).

This one is not very important, but it could be a nice usability enhancement.


Exactly, I would also really appreciate this, though it is not very important overall indeed, it can be so useful in certain scenarios, as you have pointed out too.

For me the most common scenario in which I wish for this feature (and usually end up accidentally exiting the round altogether by using the “back” shortcut in my browser), is when I’ve pressed “enter” after having solved the close, and as a matter of habit instantly press “enter” again, and only while doing so have I noticed the little “speech bubble” icon, indicating there is some discussion going on regarding this sentence.
The discussions can’t be entered from the final overview list of played/reviewed sentences, and in those cases I have to remember which sentence it was and look it up using “[sentence]”, if haven’t forgotten by then indeed. If I’ve ended up on the home screen again because of having gone “back” erroneously, I don’t even have the overview list at all, and generally won’t be able to recall the exact sentence for locating purposes.

Another scenario I frequently encounter, similar to that pointed out by Robbert, is that I do get the cloze correct, but I still want to edit the progress on it/ignore it/…, but have already inadvertently moved on to the next sentence before doing this. From the overview list this can be adjusted in the Clozemaster Pro version (if you don’t forget by then), but in the free version (while this used to be available some months ago I’m sure), you can’t reset progress to 0% or set to 100%, even though from the sentence directly you are able to do so on the free version.

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